HELLO FRIENDS! another month has passed and i still haven't got my new shop website up and running yet (SHIT SHIT SHIT) but it's not all bad!

i have actually been really productive over the past couple of days, i haven't had to work at my "proper job" so that let me really get into getting everything sorted. i'm also taking part in #marchmeetthemaker on instagram at the moment, which has prompted me to get involved and interact with other small businesses and their owners and it's been absolutely great!

after realising that i have to take LPC seriously for it to work out, i have set myself some goals to achieve in the year 2017 and hopefully they won't be too hard to tick off my list! 


1. get my goddamn website open again

2. get to grips with mailchimp so i can start sending out LPC newsletters 

3. reach 5000 followers on my shops twitter or instagram

4. make sure all the photos i take of my products look super super professional 

5. start to make handmade products in batches so it won't take me as long to send them out

6. get involved with other small businesses / future collaborations 

7. make sure all my products aren't halfheartedly made, i want quality products made with quality materials 

8. and lastly, pretty packaging! no more handwritten addresses and did someone say confetti???

p.s how cute is this bunny ring dish i made today, they will be available when i reopen my shop!