a big THANK YOU!

hello friends! apart from packing up the odd art print or blog planner, i have spent the last few months mainly working on pet portraits! pet portraits are my most purchased "product" on my shop and on my etsy and i absolutely love painting them!!! it's been an absolute blast getting to paint so many of your pets and i have to say, receiving emails with pictures of your gorgeous pets literally makes my day! 

as i'm gradually revamping my shop and trying to take some nicer pictures of my pet portraits, i actually realised the other day how many i've painted now! i don't have an exact number but i have been through shit loads of big packs of paper by now!

so i just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone! whether you've purchased something from me, read my blog or just follow me on instagram! i feel so supported and confident to carry my shop on into the future! i have SO many plans (my to do list is bloddy massive) but I will get there and hopefully you guys will all still be with me on my journey! i cannot wait to share it all with you!

p.s if you fancy a portrait of your furry OR feathery friend, you can purchase one here :)