weekly finds: links to click #1

hello friends! over the past week i have discovered some amazing things from the depths of the internet, and i wanted to share all these amazing things with you! here are my weekly finds:

1. hilarious cards from george the card maker - i was looking for a funny birthday card the other day and discovered THESE! i love buying cards from independent creators and small business', i would rather give my hard earned money to them than a supermarket or high street chain. you can look at more cards here!

2. cat shaped tea bags from contours albion - i think these were on an etsy newsletter or an etsy homepage at some point, i don't even like tea or cats! but look how cute they are! a perfect gift for a cat lover. you can have a look at them here!

3. a 2017 fruit sticker year planner created by kelly angood - a very creative way to make yourself eat more fruit and to look at all the different designs they do! each sticker is laid out neatly on a white background so you can focus on the intricacies of each individual design. you can support her kickstarter here or buy the year planner here!

4. nikki mcwilliams takeover on @etsyuk - i saw that one of my favourite makers was going an instagram takover and i couldn't help but tag along, i love hearing about things that go on behind the scenes of a business / how they started / their pet helpers. you can have a look at her lovely products here!

i hope you all enjoyed this post! i would love to make this a weekly thing! if you've found anything amazing on the interwebs recently, let me know and i'll add it to next weeks post!