IMPROVE YOUR MORNING with 5 ways to get organised before midday

hello friends, so monday has come around again and for many people any morning whether its monday or not fills people with DREAD, because yes you have to get shit done and head back to work etc etc. 

I have noticed that doing some simple things in the morning helps me have a more productive day! you might not have time to do all the things i'm going to suggest at the bottom of this post, but even something as simple as eating breakfast can make a massive difference!

5 ways to get organised before midday:

1. get enough sleep - or try to anyway. if you're bloody knackered and all you can think about is going back to bed then you're not going to get anything done

2. have something substantial for brekkie - for example, try not to run out the house with just a biscuit shoved in your mouth. 

3. get dressed - if you have a 9-5 job then this is a bloody obvious step, however, if you work from home like i do sometimes, staying in your warm pyjamas (even though that sounds so inviting) doesn't help you get motivated!

4. make a daily to do list - write down what you really NEED to do and when you tick them all off at the end of the day you can start making one for tomorrow. i find if i put everything on one big list it just makes me a bit scared and i never really want to do any of it...

5. tidy up the space you're going to be working in - your office, your room, a studio? just speed tidy and put everything back in its place before you start anything! its so much easier to work in a tidy area!


well i hope someone found this useful! what are your tips for getting motivated?