lets switch it up with SQUARE BUSINESS CARDS from moo.com

hello friends, i took this rather nice picture of my new greetings cards the other day which reminded me to tell everyone how great i think they are! and i'm not talking about my shitty handwriting on the back of them, i'm talking about the amazingly good quality they are!

every time i run out of business cards i try and create a new design for them when i reorder them, i also try and buy them from different companies too so i can figure out which ones i like.

WHICH BRINGS ME... to moo.com


i've ordered a few things for my shop from moo.com before, for example i always purchase my greetings cards from there because they were the only website that i could find which had the option to purchase recycled brown envelopes! and unlike regular companies and regular business cards, moo.com offer SO many different options, like shopping by paper type, shopping by shape, like i did and go for square business cards instead! you can also choose thickness or add unique options like gold foil or spot gloss!!

and if you're buying a lot they offer FREE UK SHIPPING if you spend Β£60 or more

please let me know what you think of my new biz cards below and also let me know if you've ever used moo before? i just think they're so great

p.s this isn't a sponsored post, i just love moo very very much :)