some lazy pencil products you probably forgot existed

hello all! i've been adding quite a few new things to my shop recently that even i sometimes forget what i have for sale! so here's a few lazy pencil products you probably forgot existed...

this ISNT paint water, you CAN drink this mug: £14.50

for all you artistic folk... we both know it happens

dreams n schemes gold foil stamped pencil: £2.50

an appropriate pencil to write down all your dreams and schemes with

my camden street print: £5.50

perfect if you're a lover of london!

insult badges: £5.00

swear pins, all ready to be worn with PRIDE

a-z of gemstones notebook: £5.50

each notebook has 48 pages, perfect to put all your hopes, ideas, dreams and doodles in!

and lastly my vintage camera illustration: £5.50

if you'd like to look at any of the products featured or anything i sell visit my little shop ( to have a look!