i can talk about lipstick too

hello! in the past couple of months i have REALLY been focusing on my illustration style which basically means i've been sat in my house in pyjamas with no make up on for months on end, to be honest i don't really mind doing that but sometimes, just sometimes, my love for make up and clothes RISES TO THE SURFACE!

there was a couple of outfit posts i uploaded a few weeks back which seems to be quite popular and when i brought some new lipsticks on a shopping trip with my mum i thought i'd write a post about them, i took all the pictures (the ones below) but never posted them because, well, this is a creative lifestyle blog and the people who follow me probably don't want to hear about lip creams. 

then yesterday i had the realisation that this is my blog and i can do whatever the fuck i want with it so HERE YOU GO SOME LIPSTICKS I LIKE

normal creative content will return sometime next week but for now here's two of my favourites, Stockholm & Amsterdam