weekly finds: links to click #1

hello friends! over the past week i have discovered some amazing things from the depths of the internet, and i wanted to share all these amazing things with you! here are my weekly finds:

1. hilarious cards from george the card maker - i was looking for a funny birthday card the other day and discovered THESE! i love buying cards from independent creators and small business', i would rather give my hard earned money to them than a supermarket or high street chain. you can look at more cards here!

2. cat shaped tea bags from contours albion - i think these were on an etsy newsletter or an etsy homepage at some point, i don't even like tea or cats! but look how cute they are! a perfect gift for a cat lover. you can have a look at them here!

3. a 2017 fruit sticker year planner created by kelly angood - a very creative way to make yourself eat more fruit and to look at all the different designs they do! each sticker is laid out neatly on a white background so you can focus on the intricacies of each individual design. you can support her kickstarter here or buy the year planner here!

4. nikki mcwilliams takeover on @etsyuk - i saw that one of my favourite makers was going an instagram takover and i couldn't help but tag along, i love hearing about things that go on behind the scenes of a business / how they started / their pet helpers. you can have a look at her lovely products here!

i hope you all enjoyed this post! i would love to make this a weekly thing! if you've found anything amazing on the interwebs recently, let me know and i'll add it to next weeks post!


a big THANK YOU!

hello friends! apart from packing up the odd art print or blog planner, i have spent the last few months mainly working on pet portraits! pet portraits are my most purchased "product" on my shop and on my etsy and i absolutely love painting them!!! it's been an absolute blast getting to paint so many of your pets and i have to say, receiving emails with pictures of your gorgeous pets literally makes my day! 

as i'm gradually revamping my shop and trying to take some nicer pictures of my pet portraits, i actually realised the other day how many i've painted now! i don't have an exact number but i have been through shit loads of big packs of paper by now!

so i just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone! whether you've purchased something from me, read my blog or just follow me on instagram! i feel so supported and confident to carry my shop on into the future! i have SO many plans (my to do list is bloddy massive) but I will get there and hopefully you guys will all still be with me on my journey! i cannot wait to share it all with you!

p.s if you fancy a portrait of your furry OR feathery friend, you can purchase one here :)

4 reasons why i think EVERYONE should start a blog!

hello friends! blogging is one of my favourite things to do, it can be incredibly valuable to a variety of people and for a variety of reasons. i recommend blogging to almost everyone i meet! so here are some of the reasons why i think YOU should should start blogging immediately.

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it's a place to write about your hobbies and interests - whether it's sport, films, fashion, animals, everyone has interests! and having your little space on the internet to talk about them can be very rewarding!

you make friends! - the audience you attract through blogging doesn’t have to just be your β€œaudience.” you get comments on posts, which leads to engagement and conversations, they can soon become your friends and colleagues, i've met a few of my internet friends and they are the loveliest loveliest people you will ever meet!

it may create great opportunities for you! - blogging can lead to other opportunities, for example, you might be asked to speak at an engagement or get invited to an event! you might even get the opportunity to work with your favourite brands.

a place to tell your story - you can tell your story the way you want to tell it! i know a few bloggers who have had to go through organ transplants, blogging for them is a space to tell people about their journey and share their thoughts and feelings.